Yemeni defense minister tells change in countering Iranian project

2022-02-06 | Since 12 Month

Marib (Debriefer) The course of countering the Iranian project in Yemen will see strategic change, the Yemeni defense minister said Saturday.
"2022 will be the year of vital change in the existential battle against the Iranian project and its Houthi arms in all battlefields," Mohamed al-Maqdashi added at a meeting with directors of defense ministry's departments in Marib.
The Yemeni army can make national changes, thanks to its sacrifices and support form honest Yemenis and from the Saudi-led coalition, the minister told his staff.
General Maqdashi urged military leaders and officials to bear their national responsibilities in service of soldiers fighting in honor fields, adhere to institutional regulations, and be strict at any breaches.
The minister highlighted the need for correcting the piled errors imposed by war, and amending the defects resulted from the Houthi theft of army's resources, according to the Riyadh-based Saba news Agency.

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