Yemeni pipelines in Shabwa attacked again

2022-02-07 | Since 12 Month

Shabwa (Debriefer) An oil pipeline was attacked anew on Sunday in the Yemeni southeastern governorate of Shabwa, the third subversive act in the last four months.
Unidentified armed men blew up the pipeline laid off the oil seaport of Noshaima in Shabwa governorate on the Arabian Sea, local source said.
No immediate statement has been released by Yemen's central government or Shabwa local authority on the incident.
While this is the third attack targeting pipelines in the oil-rich governorate within nearly four months, security authorities have yet to identify felons.
Last November, pipelines transporting crude oil from Aqla area to Noshaima port suffered explosion. Few weeks later, unknown armed men targeted another pipeline in Habban district.

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