STC to punish troops involved in violence in Aden

2022-02-08 | Since 12 Month

ADEN (Debriefer)--The Southern Transitional Council ordered to punish soldiers responsible for Sunday's violence in the district of Khur Maksar in Yemen's interim capital Aden.

The clashes were regrettable and irresponsible, the council's presidency said on Monday, urging to take all troops out of the Worker Island and bring all those involved in the clashes to the military judiciary.

"Such reckless individual behavior will be met with strict punitive action in accordance with the law," it said.

The clashes between the Emergency Forces and other troops loyal to the council erupted over salaries.

The road between Khur Maksar and Al-Mansura was closed and air traffic at Aden Airport affected as a result.

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