Houthis name team negotiators to discuss reopening Taiz roads

2022-05-21 | Since 1 Month

Sana'a (Debriefer) The Houthi group has given the UN a list naming its negotiators to discussions on reopening main roads in the Yemeni southwestern governorate of Taiz, Xinhua quoted a Yemeni firsthand sources as saying.
The Houthis handed the names of their team's members to the UN special envoy's office, he added.
The government negotiation team was informed that the Houthis named their representatives to the discussions, a member of the team said.
"We, in the government team, are expecting an official notification from the UN envoy's office to start the negotiations planned to take place in Jordan," Brigadier General Abdul Aziz al-Majidi added.
"Our goal is clear; we want blocked roads in Taiz be reopened as they were in 2014," said the officer, also chief of staff of Taiz military axis.
The Houthis are positioned in the eastern and northwestern fringes of Taiz, obstructing the traffic inflow to the besieged city since 2015.

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