Arab Parliament warns against Houthi misusing Safer FSO file

2022-06-29 | Since 2 Month

Cairo (Debriefer) The Arab Parliament on Sunday warned against Houthi misuse of the derelict FSO facility of Safer for political bargains and blackmail.
The supertanker increasingly risks spill or explosion, portending the worst environmental, economic catastrophe in the whole region, Arab Parliament Speaker said in a statement, "while the Houthis still delay and deny the UN team access [to Safer] for maintenance and unloading works."
Risks of the Houthi persistent misuse of this critical file would not be limited to Yemen, but all the Red Sea countries would be affected, Adel al-Asomi added.
He highlighted the need for international urgent move and more pressures on the Houthi group to stop misusing the issue as a means for political blackmail.
The Speaker called on the UN to take rapid measures needed to prevent oil spill and tow the FSO to safe place, and urged the international community to contribute to the rescue of Safer.
Last week, the UN warned against delayed actions to rescue Safer, as any spill or explosion would have direly catastrophic consequences on environment.
The Yemeni State-owned supertanker of Safer has not been repaired since 2014, with corrosion making the FSO facility at risk of looming explosion and, thus, the Red Sea at risk of the worst environment disaster, according to UN experts.

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