Yemeni JF claim capturing Houthi spy in Mocha

2022-08-02 | Since 1 Year

Mocha (Debriefer) The Yemeni Joint Forces (JF) on Sunday arrested a Houthi spy, a former militant in the terrorist al-Qaeda group, JF media center said.
Mohamed Abdu Abdullah Kashmou'a was captured after his movements were accurately pursued and detected by the Western Coast security, the center added.
"Initial probes proved that Kashmou'a was linked to the Houthi intelligence and a former member in al-Qaeda group," the center said in a statement.
In a recent report, the UN Security Council disclosed that al-Qaeda group cooperates with the Houthi forces that refuge some militants and release Qaeda prisoners in return for terrorist acts and operational training for Houthi fighters, the UNSC report said.

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