Yemeni LC: Houthis adopt positions opposing peace efforts

2022-10-03 | Since 2 Month

Riyadh (Debriefer) The Yemeni Leadership Council (LC) is committed to fair, sustainable peace based on the three terms of reference, chief of the LC said on Sunday, just hours before the UN-mediated truce expires.
The Iranian-backed Houthi group adopts positions opposing peace efforts aimed to stop the Yemeni bloodshed, President Rashad al-Alimi added at meeting with the UN envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg in Riyadh.
Alimi called for further international pressures to push the Houthis to positively deal with peace efforts and to prioritize the Yemenis' interest over their leaders' and Iranian supporters' interests.
While the legitimate government facilitated many initiatives to ease humanitarian suffering across Yemen, the Houthis maintained a stance hostile to peace efforts, the Yemeni President said.
On Saturday, the Houthi group threatened to return to military option, after six months of ceasefire.
The UN-led understandings reached deadlock, Houthi senior negotiator, Mohamed Abdul Salam said in an official statement.

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