Yemeni minister calls for rally around "only safety hoop"

2022-08-17 | Since 2 Month

Aden (Debriefer) Rally behind Yemen's constitutional legitimacy (represented by President Rashad al-Alimi) is the "only safety hoop and last chance for Yemenis to restore their State, maintain their identity and establish real national partnership and bright future," Yemen's information minister tweeted late on Monday, one day after Islah Party threatened to quit politics.
It is time to "unite efforts and resources under direction of the Leadership Council [LC] to oppose the Iranian expansionist project and the political, economic, security and military challenges," Moammar al-Eryani added.
"All the differences in viewpoints should be solved under the umbrella of constitutional institutions, in which all the parties are now partners.
"Experiences and events – seen by Yemen since 2011 – have proven that no one can omit or cancel others, and that any efforts to exclude a party are fated to fail and to prolong war with its cost paid by everyone.
"Yemen will only rise and restore recovery by help of solidarity of all its components and people who believe that it can contain everyone," the minister argued.
Eryani called on all the political parties to prioritize national interest, adopt dialogue approach to solving their disputes, and avoid Houthi attempts aimed to kindle conflicts.
On Friday, the Islamic Islah Party threatened to reconsider its partnership in the LC and government following Shabwa infighting, unless Governor Oudh al-Oulaqi is fired.

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