roads to be reopened peacefully or by people will Yemeni Pres.

2022-09-27 | Since 1 Year

Riyadh (Debriefer) The Houthi group reneges its commitments stated in the UN-brokered truce, the Yemeni President said on Sunday, promising to solve Taiz blockade and reopen blocked roads.
The last months "proved the militias' falseness," President Rashad al-Alimi added. "We confronted their lies with truth and challenged them with by taking the people's side."
During the six months of truce, tens of flights landed in Sana'a airport and over 50 oil tankers arrived at Houthi-held Hodeida ports with 1.4 million tons of petroleum derivatives onboard, he said.
However, the Houthis kept rejecting the application of their commitments to reopening the roads in Taiz and other provinces and paying the civil servants' salaries from these ports' revenues.
By this behavior, the Houthi group unveiled for the whole world its real face in dealing with the Yemenis' suffering, Alimi added in his speech to the 60th anniversary of the 26 September Revolution.
"I assure you that roads in Taiz and other provinces would be reopened sooner or later, with peace or people's will," Yemen's President promised, as the Houthis "insist on blocking the roads as collective punishment.
"We'll go, along with our brothers and friends, to push the Houthis to deal positively with government's previous initiatives on paying the public employees across Yemen, in accordance with pre-coup lists of 2014."
The Houthis seek to foil any effort aimed at peace and stability in Yemen, and do not recognize any human rights, Alimi said.

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