Houthis say Coalition gives ineffectual promises

2022-12-24 | Since 3 Month

Sana'a (Debriefer) The Saudi-led Coalition gives ineffectual promises on putting an end to Yemen's war and blockade, spokesman for the Iranian-backed Houthi group said on Wednesday.
In their visit to Sana'a, the Omani delegation briefed the Houthi leaders on ideas and suggestions produced at negotiations with the Saudis and international parties on a solution, Mohamed Abdul-Salam added in remarks to the Sana'a-based Saba.
Since the UN-mediated truce expired last October, many meetings were held with international, Saudi and UN representatives in Muscat, he said.
"We were flexible in terms of entering in a sustainable, long truce during which all the public employees' salaries would be paid from oil and gas revenues.., and in wider talks leading to an end to war and blockade and to a pullout of foreign forces" in preparation for a political solution.
The Arab Coalition, however, "gives ineffectual promises," he added, accusing the Coalition of targeting the economy, central bank and Yemeni rial.

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