Yemeni AFC defeats provoke protests demanding football head sack

Taiz - Ibb (Debriefer)
2019-01-12 | Since 4 Year

Protestors in Ibb

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Harsh defeats suffered by the Yemeni football team at Asian Cup finals, currently hosted in the UAE, have raised widespread resentment among Yemeni people.

Yemen were beaten on Saturday at AFC 3-0 by Iraq, the second defeat after the 0-5 loss against Iran last Monday.

Yemeni fans wrecked their wrath upon head of their football association, Ahmed Saleh al-Isi who is close to President Abd Rabbu Hadi, holding the businessman responsible for the "catastrophic" failures.

Following the latest rout, protestors took to streets in some Yemeni cities calling on Mr. Isi to leave post as YFA chairman, after he "failed to direct Yemeni football properly."

Tens of demonstrators roamed streets in Taiz and Ibb cities, carrying billboards demanding Isi immediate sack.

Protestors in Taiz

Protestors in the Houthi-besieged city of Taiz said "although their tenure had expired one year ago, the current YFA head and his panel still leading the association very badly."

In Ibb, fans said Isi had "brought shame on Yemeni football."

Protestors in the capital of Sana'a said the two defeats were reflection of bad management by the association led by businessman Isi.

Media men and activists in the last few days launched "Oh Isi depart" hashtag, which apparently was received reactively by audience, sports devotees in particular.

Followers scorned at Isi claims that to have the Yemeni team debutants at AFC finals was an achievement for Yemeni football. "What if the qualification system was not modified, would our team reach finals?" they wondered.

Ahmed Isi is also deputy director of President Hadi's office for economic affairs, and is accused of corruption in oil sector.

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