Griffiths statements reignite fighting on fronts ..peace does not last 24 hours in Yemen

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2020-01-19 | Since 3 Year

Martin Griffiths

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

After every briefing by UN envoy Martin Griffiths, in which he speaks of signs of peace in Yemen, the battles are igniting in an apparent deliberate way that blocks the way for any initiatives and any hopes for peace that stops the war that has continued for 5 years, and the warring parties to the conflict have made little progress.

Last Thursday evening, Martin Griffiths briefed Yemen on the UN Security Council, saying, Peace is supposed to be achieved in Yemen during this year, noting a decline in the severity of military operations.

What Griffiths said has allowed a bit of hope to seep into the hearts of war-torn Yemenis, but they are still clinging to the straw of a "political agreement" that ends a grinding war, and should not enter its sixth year.

Only half a day had passed since Griffiths statements were sufficient for the return of battles on several fronts, such as the Naham Front, east of the capital, Sana'a, and Al-Hodeidah, in western Yemen, and Dali, in southern Yemen.

It appears that the warring parties are of the many Yemenis to live with hope even for a full 24 hours, and they work to mute their hopes and frustration with more coercive measures, whether expanding the area of ​​war, destruction and displacement, or by doubling its economic suffering through a package of decisions that increased hunger and misery.

Yesterday evening, Saturday, a ballistic missile targeted the reception camp in the Mile area, northwest of the city of Marib, in the northeast of Yemen. The attack resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries among members of the camp of the government forces.

And at dawn on Friday, the Nehm front, east of Sanaa, returned to the forefront of the war events in Yemen, after a deep slumber that permeated some skirmishes from time to time.

The battles took place between the forces of the internationally recognized Yemeni government and the Houthi group (Ansar Allah), and according to military sources, there were violent confrontations during which the two parties used various types of medium and heavy weapons.

As usual, the two sides exchanged accusations of escalation, and one side flexed its muscles to repel the attack of the other side, dropping dozens of dead and wounded.

On Friday evening, the joint forces loyal to the internationally recognized Yemeni government said that they had made great preparations for the Houthi group (Ansar Allah), which included the construction of new fortifications and the reinforcement of reinforcements in several areas south of Hodeidah Governorate, in the west of the country.

In the statement, the joint forces accused the Houthi group of digging long trenches along the road linking the Zabid and Al-Tohayta districts, from which other trenches branch out towards the Suwaiq area of ​​Tohayta.

The statement stated that the Houthis transported timber and white bricks at night to the trenches while the excavations continued, and they build and cover them from the top with wood and then bury them with sand.

The statement added that the Houthis pushed hundreds of heavily armed militants of various types of heavy and medium weapons, to the east of the Al-Duraihimi Directorate, accompanied by targeting the joint forces sites, with machine and medium weapons.

The joint forces accused the United Nations of remaining silent in the face of Houthi crimes and violations, saying that this "encouraged the Houthis to continue and commit more of them by bombing and targeting residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah, south of Hodeidah, on the western coast of Yemen."

For its part, the Houthi group (Ansar Allah) said that it killed and wounded 10 of the Yemeni government forces with sniping operations in the Haradh and Hiran fronts.

It also confirmed that it had carried out an attack on the positions of the government forces on the Qaniya front, which resulted in heavy losses in lives and equipment.

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