Yemen: Houthis deny adopting missile attack on a government camp in Marib

Sanaa (Debriefer)
2020-01-21 | Since 8 Month

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The prominent leader of the Houthi group (Ansar Allah) Muhammad al-Bukheiti denied on Monday evening that his group launched the ballistic missle attack on a training camp of the Yemen's internationally recognized government forces, last Saturday evening.

Al-Bokhiti told Al-Jazeera: "We did not adopt the Marib attack, and if we had carried it out we would have announced it."

The Yemeni internationally recognized government forces accused the Houthi group of launching the missile attack on its training camp in Marib, northeast of Yemen, on Saturday evening.

The ballistic missile attack killed or wounded about 157 soldiers.

The government forces said that the attack was a response from the Houthi group (Ansar Allah) to their defeats in the Nehm front, east of Sanaa, and dozens of dead and wounded,Some of them fell by the fire of the "Yemeni army." 

In a related context, a ballistic missile fell nearby the Marib court in northeastern Yemen, killing 3 people in an initial toll, according to local sources.

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