Yemeni Hadi advisor: Jawf seizure ultimately changes power balances

Riyadh (Debriefer)
2020-03-06 | Since 2 Year

Al-Jawf takeover "could ultimately change military power balances in our fateful battle with Houthis," the Yemeni president advisor said Friday.
"If we take the same course as that we dealt with Nihm takeover, we'll have decided the battle's fate in favor of Houthis at Yemeni level and of Iran at regional level, and the coalition's role in Yemen will have ended," Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr added on Twitter.
"Al-Okaimi and his fellows withstood for forty days when they had only little supplies and ordnance. And the national army's heroes and Jawf people recorded, in confrontation with Houthis, another heroism; it's yet the first of its kind in terms of size, violence and sacrifice.
"So, no one should blame these heroes, or ask about the causes that are as clear as the sun," he said.
The Houthis have successfully possessed power means and factors that have allowed the group to endure and are allowing it to advance today, Bin Daghr added, warning that the official government along with its forces would incur a historically heavy defeat.
"We, the legitimacy and coalition, have caused our own division and inter-enmity, strangely insisting on gifting to Houthis and Iran our defeat in this historic confrontation."
"In this war, Yemen has suffered heavier damages and bloodshed than ever. First, because of the successive coups - against the legitimacy of elected president - which evidently show the negative impact of financial support provided by some of us for them. Second, because of our and our allies' failure in managing the battle.
"We have our last chance to amend power balances and change the battle's course toward victory.
"We shouldn't give Houthis and Iran extra means for a new victory. Iran shouldn't gain a victory that would further boost its expansionist appetite in the region and exhaust Arabs and inflict them a defeat we would feel shame to write in our common history.
"Having been given such resources, Arab and Islamic support and international cover, this Arab broad coalition shouldn't lose this fateful battle," the advisor warned.
The Yemeni government lacks a lot to keep on fighting this battle, he said. But the most significant thing that "we miss and hurts us is the lack of vision.
"Our country is facing many risks, our people is threatened in its greatest interests, and our identity is being more destroyed by insiders than outsiders. But we've not yet lost our determination to get freedom and resist ignorance," Bin Daghr concluded.

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