Yemeni gov't, STC deploy military reinforcements in Abyan

Abyan (Debriefer)
2020-03-21 | Since 4 Year

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government and Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have sent military reinforcements in the southern governorate of Abyan in the last two days.
Government additional troops arrived in Shoqra district of Abyan from the neighboring governorate of Shabwa, local sources said Saturday.
"These reinforcements included tens of troops and a number of armored vehicles, armed pickups, movable mortars and ambulances."
The STC has also deployed further forces from Aden port city to Abyan, including military gears, armed pickups, armored vehicles and hundreds of personnel, the sources added.
This mobilization comes as the STC "forces are preparing for the victory and salvation battle," according to STC media.
The official government Foreign Minister accused the STC of "persisting armed rebellion against the State through interfering in government institutions' work, continually mobilizing new forces and erecting new military barriers and checkpoints.

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