Emirates deploys loyalist troops for last infighting in Socotra

Report (Debriefer)
2020-04-28 | Since 3 Year

UAE-backed STC forces

The confrontations, which had been expected to pit forces of the Yemeni legitimate government against those of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), seem to have found Socotra archipelago as suitable fighting ground.

Hours after the Emirati-backed STC's chairman, Eidaroos al-Zobaidi, announced state of emergency and self-rule in south of Yemen, an official at the Yemeni government accused the United Arab Emirates of attempts to destabilize Socotra and ignite a bloody clash in coincidence with STC rebellion.

The same accusation was released by a minister in the internationally-recognized government in a phone call with the Debriefer, noting that Emirati hands steer the rebellion threads in the island on the Indian Ocean.

"Behind triviality – committed today by STC leaders – stands the UAE that seeks to thwart Saudi efforts aimed at confronting the Houthi expansion in Yemen," the minister added asking anonymity.

Media advisor to the Yemeni information minister sees that "the Emirati statelet's hungers go beyond mere seizure of Socotra, as they want Aden port, water passages, Bab al-Mandeb Strait and strategic areas.

"After it was expelled from Aden, the UAE has begun using its tools; namely STC militias whose leaders are living in Abu Dhabi," Mokhtar al-Rahabi added on Facebook.

The First Marine Infantry Brigade's chief-of-staff, Nasser Qais, "vows to overthrow all the State's institutions in Socotra," he claimed.

The UAE steers its STC pawns for its own benefit, while the STC itself –acting under Emirati orders – enjoys but noise that has given it magnified significance at southern level.

Military defections in Socotra are unceasing, not only at the level of commanders, but also whole battalions, in a hazardous indication that the UAE is determined to tighten grip on the wealthy island.

In the face of these Emirati hungers, the Yemeni official government can only issue condemnations and appeals neither considered by the UAE nor dealt with by Saudi Arabia that is leading a coalition in support of this helpless government.

The UAE will, according to observers, exploit the STC announced state of emergency and self-governance to seize Socotra from the Yemeni government, which seems unable to curb Abu Dhabi and its pawns.


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