Yemeni FM Houthis renege responsibilities for FSO Safer

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2020-05-10 | Since 3 Month

Yemeni official Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Hadhrami

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The Yemeni internationally-recognized foreign minister on Saturday accused the Houthi group of lying on liabilities for the floating storage and offloading (FSO) facility Safer.
"The Houthis lie as easily as they breathe," FM Mohamed al-Hadhrami tweeted. "They have neither commitment nor fidelity.
"They have kept for years denying UN repair teams access to the FSO Safer and obdurately rejecting calls by the [Yemeni] government, UN Security Council, European Union and Arab League. And today they indecently deny all that," he added.
On Friday, the US Department of State called on the Houthis to cooperate with the UN and allow its teams to repair Safer, accusing the group of "detaining" the facility.
The Houthis are accountable for human and environmental costs if any oil leaks from the FSO facility, the Department warned.
The group "from the outset has called for the tanker Safer to be repaired, but the US-backed aggression forces have deliberately, by their unjust blockade, put obstacles to prevent any repairs," Houthi spokesman tweeted.
"Thus, they are responsible for all complications of any leakage. Washington also shares the responsibility for providing the aggression and blockade with political coverage and military support to continue," Mohamed Abdul Salam added.
While warnings have been increasingly issued that the leakage might lead to an environmental catastrophe, the Yemeni government and Houthis have traded blames for preventing repairs of the tanker that contains more than one million barrels of crude.

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