Coronavirus infected Person escapes from health center with armed men' help in Taiz

Taiz (Debriefer)
2020-05-13 | Since 3 Month

SHF Medical Center

A Yemeni medical source revealed that one of those infected with the Coronavirus had managed to escape from the SHF Center in the city of Taiz, in southwestern Yemen, on Tuesday, with helb of armed men from outside the hospital.

The source said to "Debriefer", that the patient took advantage of the small number of the guards of the center who could not face the preparation of the large gunmen who came to smuggle a Corona patient.

The source pointed out that the center issued an official communication for epidemiological surveillance at the same moment, calling on the epidemiological center to take security control measures against the patient.

Taiz Governorate recorded four confirmed cases of the virus (Covid 19), including one death, while the total number of cases registered in Yemen reached 67, including 11 deaths.

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