Houthi gov`t: Ending tragedy of Yemen is not with increase or decrease donor support

Sana`a (Debriefer)
2020-06-03 | Since 4 Month

The Houthi Salvation Government (Ansar Allah) considered the convening of the Yemen Donors Conference in Saudi Arabia an attempt to whitewash the face of Riyadh internationally, noting that ending the human tragedy is not to increase or decrease support but to stop the war.

The Houthi-run Yemeni News Agency "Saba" ,late on Tuesday evening, quoted a source described as the official in the office of the head of the Salvation Government, as saying:  "The convening of the Yemen Donors Conference in the capital of the aggression state, Riyadh, is an attempt to whitewash the face of the international aggression, which has been wreaking havoc in Yemen five years ago and committed the most heinous war crimes against the Yemeni people."

"This conference aims to prolong the aggression against the Yemeni people and counter the clear truth and direct cause behind the suffering and the tragic tragedy experienced by the Yemenis, which is the ongoing aggression and siege.", he added.

Saudi Arabia, which leads an Arab coalition fighting the Houthis in support of the internationally recognized government since 2015, hosted a virtual United Nations conference to address the shortcomings in relief operations in Yemen.

International donors pledged $ 1.35 billion, but this figure equals about half of the $ 2.41 billion in funding needed by the United Nations and its relief agencies to save the world's largest aid operation from a sharp cut.

The official in the Houthi government added, "The solution to the human tragedy that Yemen is going through is not to increase or reduce support, but with stop the aggression and allow all parties to start serious negotiations away from any dictates by any party."

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