Yemeni Hadhramout tribes give gov't 20-day time limit

Hadhramout (Debriefer)
2020-06-07 | Since 4 Month

Hadhramout tribes on Saturday gave the Yemeni official government a 20-day time limit to hand the killers of Shibam security commander and his bodyguards.

At a meeting invited for by its leader Sheikh Amr Bin Habreesh al-Alii, the Authority of Hadhramout Valley and Desert Tribes Alliance called for Hadhramout people be tasked with the provincial security, emphasizing their right to escalation.

Hadhramout tribesmen will take control of their land, if the killers of Saleh Ali Jabir and his bodyguards are not handed, the gathering said in a statement.

Late last May, Shibam security commander and three bodyguards were killed in an explosive device blast.

On 27 April, three other bodyguards of the same commander were shot dead by unidentified gunmen.

By phone call on 28 May, President Hadi assured Sheikh Abdullah Bin Ali Jabir that "subversive and terrorism elements must be annihilated, along with supporters," according to the Riyadh-based Saba.

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