Iran slams UN delisting coalition as child rights violator

Tehran (Debriefer)
2020-06-18 | Since 3 Year

Spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, Abbas Musavi

The Iranian foreign ministry has condemned the UN for taking the Arab coalition off child rights list of shame.
Some at the UN "seek to purge Saudi Arabia with this country's dollars from crimes it has committed against Yemen's women and children," said spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry.
The "UN secretariat gives a free pass to Saudi-led coalition in Yemen despite admitting 100s of Yemeni children were killed," Abbas Musavi added citing "massacres like bombing a student bus and airstrikes on homes, schools and hospitals.
The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has decided to drop the Saudi-led coalition from the UN 'Child Rights List of Shame'.
The UN found 222 children were killed or injured last year by the coalition, which is backing Yemen's government in its war with the rebel Houthi group.
This figure represents a constant, significant decrease in victim toll, Guterres said.
Human rights groups have criticized the UN decision, which they warned would make children vulnerable to more attacks.

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