Houthis say petrol shipment arrives at Yemeni Hodeida port

2020-07-19 | Since 6 Month

Sana'a (Debriefer) - An oil tanker has arrived in the Yemeni western port city of Hodeida, the Houthi group said Sunday.
The Breezeway vessel arrived at the Houthi-held Red Sea port on Sunday, with 28,239 tons of petrol aboard, the Sana'a-based Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) said, "after more than 114 days of detention in the high seas."
The Arab coalition "is still holding 19 tankers in the open sea, despite the entry permits obtained from the United Nations," YPC added in a statement.
By detaining the oil tankers and food ships, the Saudi-led coalition directly insults the UN, the Houthi prime minister said.
Coalition persistently detaining of vessels, despite the UN permits, is a condemnable act directly offending the UN, Abdul Aziz bin Habtor added at meeting with the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Lise Grande.
He called for a strict stance against the coalition's economic escalation and use of basic supplies as means of war, according to the Houthi-run Saba.
On Friday, YPC warned of an "unprecedented disaster" in north Yemen in the coming days, if oil tankers are disallowed entry to Hodeida port.
"We'll see complete paralysis in transport traffic," director of the Houthi-run YPC, Ammar al-Adhroie, said in press remarks.
Early this July, three oil tankers arrived at Hodeida port after the official government approved entry for 4 ships in response to a call from the UN special envoy, Martin Griffiths.
The approval comes to help Envoy Griffiths' office arrange for a meeting between government and Houthi representatives to discuss a mechanism for allocating the oil import taxes for civil servant salaries, the government-run supreme economic council said.
For more than a month, Houthi-held northern areas, including Sana'a City, are experiencing a fuel shortage, with the Yemeni accusing the Houthis of creating a sham crisis and the group blaming the coalition for denying the tankers access.

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