Yemeni military leader survives attempted assassination in Taiz

2020-08-08 | Since 3 Year

Taiz's military police commander survives attempted assassination

Taiz (Debriefer) - Military police commander on Friday survived an attempted assassination that left three of his bodyguards injured in the Yemeni southwestern governorate of Taiz.
"Unidentified gunmen waited in ambush targeting Taiz's military police commander, Mohamed Salem al-Kholani, in Jabal Habashi district, southwest Taiz city," government military source told the Anadolu Agency.
While General Kholani survived, the attack wounded three of his bodyguards, two of whom seriously injured, the source added.
Armed men affiliated to Tawfeeq al-Waqqar, a supporter of the Emirati-backed Abul Abbas Battalions' deputy commander, ambushed the military police leader at the entrance of Jabal Habashi in his way back from home-village, according to local media reports.
Taiz governorate is witnessing tensions, between official troops and UAE-backed forces, that were further escalated after military police deployment in Turba town last July.

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