Arabs race to express solidarity with Saudi .. Humanity dividable?

2020-09-16 | Since 4 Month

Report (Debriefer) - The last few days saw harsh race of statements released by Arab and other countries to condemn the Houthi attacks with ballistic missiles and drones at Saudi lands.

These statements, say observers concerned with Yemeni situation, have been notably issued successively with duplicated phrases, often in the same sequence.

"This blatant resemblance suggests that all the statements were issued by one source, or copied from one document previously circulated to those countries' governments that did not bother themselves to modify," an analyst told Debriefer.

While the Saudi dominance over policies and stances of some Arab poor countries – that depend on the Kingdom's assistances – cannot be denied, this similarity could occur by chance, others said.

"What's important is that countries express solidarity with each other for mere human purposes," they added. But, when it disappears as the wrongdoer or victim differs, this solidarity voice loses its human dimension.

Yemeni activists criticized most of those countries that deplore Houthi attacks on Saudi lands while keep silent at the killing and other tragedies of Yemeni children documented by international humanitarian reports.

"It's harsh to ignore more than 7,200 child casualties in Yemen since the war outbreak, according to official figures, especially when Yemen's children have been expecting the world to save them from a war by which they are most victimized," they added.

Last week, the UN Group of Eminent International and Regional Experts on Yemen issued its third report on Yemen where civilians are constantly "affected not only in the context of combating operations, but also away from frontlines."

Airstrikes were launched by the Arab coalition without considering distinction and proportion criteria or taking precautions to protect civilians and civilian objects, the report said.

The UN Experts blamed the coalition and Houthi group for arbitrary attacks that caused damages to civilians and civilian objects.

All parties to conflict continue to commit violations of the international human rights law and the international humanitarian law, the UN Group's 'Yemen.. a pandemic of impunity in tortured land' report added.

Based on conclusions, violations were committed by the Yemeni official government, Houthi group, Southern Transitional Council and members of the Arab coalition, the report read.

Last Monday, a report issued by the Yemeni Center for Human Rights said 91 percent of the total child casualties were caused by the Saudi-led coalition's airstrikes.

These attacks left 3,468 children killed and 3,804 others injured, according to the Center's report.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition had been officially blacklisted by the UN over charges of killing Yemen's children, before the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres decided last June to delist the coalition, without acceptable justifications.

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