Government advance against Houthis as they shift tactics in northeast Yemen

2020-10-07 | Since 2 Year

Ahmed Ubaid bin Dagher

RIYADH (Debriefer)--Advisor to Yemeni president, Dr. Ahmed Ubaid bin Dagher, has revealed that there is a strategic shift in the management of the battles against the Houthis in northeastern provinces of Marib and Jawf.

The government says its forces backed by tribal fighters and a Saudi-led coalition fighting in the country have made advances in the two provinces, retaking key positions from the Houthis including those which were lost in September and August.

Bin Dagher wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: "Resilience of Marib and advances in Jawf will determine the future of the fight with the Houthi group. The government forces and the coalition leadership are shifting tactics from defence into offense". The new strategy is working and has forced the enemy to leave its positions, he said.

"Wait for a strategic shift in the management of the battle".

On Tuesday, the government forces with support from tribes recaptured the strategic Khanjar military camp in Jawf after fierce battles with the Houthis, a source in the sixth military command said.

Battles are still raging around the camp as the government forces are seeking to secure it completely.

The government forces have also made advances east of Jawf coinciding with raging battles in the town of Al-Hazm in the centre.

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