Tensions rising between local government, STC in Shabwa

2021-01-24 | Since 5 Month

SANAA (Debriefer)--Tensions are rising between the local government of Yemen's Shabwa province which is loyal to the internationally recognised president and the UAE-backed southern transitional council, a week after the government started to operate the Qana oil port.

Local officials said the governor Saleh bin Adyo headed to Saudi Arabia on Saturday. He was summoned by president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi to discuss the latest developments in the province, they said.

The council is pressuring to fire bin Adyo and appoint a new governor from its men to run the oil-and gas-rich province.

Earlier, media outlets said there have been disagreements within the newly formed government over the Qana port. STC ministers in the government are angry, reports said, adding that minister of transport Abdulsalam Hamid boycotted a meeting of prime minister with ports officials last week.

With UAE instructions, the council is seeking to obstruct the operations of the port which is not under its control after it and the UAE forces succeeded in halting exports through the Balhaf port in the province, Debriefer has learned.

Bin Adyo has threatened to resign in case the port, which has been operated under presidential orders, was shut down, a local official said.

Bin Adyo is one of the greatest governors in wartime. He has been very active, restoring and improving services and launching many development projects.

In the past few days, the council has intensified its information war against the government.

Meanwhile, both sides are trading accusations of attempting to destabilise the province.

The developments followed the killing of a member of the UAE-backed Al-Shabwani elite forces by unknown perpetrators.

The council has accused the government of assassinations of its soldiers and obstructing the Riyadh agreement.

We will not stand idly by, it said, warning of alarming scenarios.

In response, the local government has accused the council of financing murders and acts of sabotage in the province.

The council is exploiting the treacherous killing of one of its soldiers to pass its suspicious schemes, the provisional information office said in a statement.

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