Houthis say to unveil more malicious American acts in Yemen

2021-03-21 | Since 2 Year

Yahya Sarea

SANAA (Debriefer)--The Ansar Allah group, also known as the Houthis, on Saturday said it will reveal more malicious American acts in Yemen in coming days.

The war on weapons film is unveiling the size of the US interference in Yemen and how the Yemeni regime was under the US guardianship, the group's military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarea said.

On Friday, the Houthi mouthpiece Almasirah TV aired a documentary on the US role in disarming Yemen from markets to the weapons depots and camps of the armed forces.

The documentary was called the war on weapons.

The TV said there were recordings exposing the nature of the spy role of the US embassy in Sanaa before the 21 September revolution.

The US Department of State dispatched its special envoy Lincoln Bloomfield to remove the threat of portable air defence systems, it said, showing a document by the Department of State dated 25 September 2004 including an order by late president Ali Abdullah Saleh to destroy 1.435 air defence systems in return for $717 million in US compensation.

The documentary also showed a classified document issued by the national security apparatus in 2005, approved by the chief of the apparatus Ammar Saleh, the US ambassador to Yemen Thomas Krajeski and the CIA officer in Yemen. The document said the national security apparatus suggested expanding the program of destroying the Yemeni air defence systems to cover other weapons, according to the TV.

In addition, the US embassy ordered on 8 March 2008 the apparatus to neutralize surface-to-air missiles between March 16 and 19, prior to Bloomfield's visit to Sanaa, it said.

The Houthi group has been controlling Sanaa since it ousted the government of the internationally recognised president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in September 2014.

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