Yemeni frontlines see renewed fighting after truce expiration

2022-10-05 | Since 2 Month

Provinces (Debriefer) Many frontlines saw renewed fighting between the Yemeni army and Houthi fighters on Sunday evening, shortly after the UN-brokered truce expired.
Houthi artillery fired mortars and other heavy shells at many of the army sites, spokesman for Taiz military command said in remarks carried by Saba.
The Houthis tried to infiltrate into sites north, east and west Taiz city, Colonel Abdul Basi al-Bahr added, but the government troops "fended off the Houthi attackers, inflicted them huge losses and forced them to flee."
In Hodeida, the Houthis launched a fierce attack on villages in Hais district, military sources said, triggering violent clashes with the pro-government Joint Forces (JF) that foiled the Houthi attempted advancement.
In Lahj, tens of Houthi military vehicles arrived at flashpoints to reinforce their sites in Haifan district, according to local sources.
Dhalea governorate also saw late on Sunday sporadic clashes pitting JF against Houthi fighters whose artillery shelled sites held by the 32nd Brigade and 5th Brigade.

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