Houthis call int'l oil companies to depart Saudi, Emirati lands

2022-10-05 | Since 2 Month

Sana'a (Debriefer) International oil firms are urged to stop their activities and leave Saudi and Emirati lands, military spokesman for the Iranian-backed Houthi group said on Sunday, as the Saudi-led Coalition "was not committed to a truce allowing the Yemeni people the right to using their oil resources" to pay civil servants salaries.
Houthi forces "are able to deprive the Saudis and Emiratis from their resources if they insist to deny our Yemeni people right to their wealth," Yahiya Sarie added.
The Houthi threats come few hours after the UN-mediated truce expired as the parties failed to agree on further extension.
On Saturday, the group called on the oil companies active in government-held areas to stop production as of 6:00 o'clock Sunday, the time of truce expiration.

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