Yemeni national currency further declines in gov't-held areas

2021-05-11 | Since 1 Month

Aden (Debriefer) - The US dollar exceeded 900 Yemeni rials late on Monday at local exchange markets in Aden and other Yemeni provinces under the official government's control.
This is the highest depreciation seen by the Yemeni national currency since the new government was formed under the Riyadh Agreement in December 2020.
One US dollar is exchanged for 915 rials at evening transactions, banking sources told Debriefer, as Saudi rial approximated 240 Yemeni rials.
Exchange rates see relative stability in Sana'a City and other Yemeni Houthi-held areas, where one US dollar is bought with 595 Yemeni rials and one Saudi rial with 157 Yemeni rials.
Exchange rates volatility wreaks havoc on ordinary Yemenis' living, as food prices spirally rocket.

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