Qaeda bombs military HQs in Yemen's Abyan

2022-09-21 | Since 2 Week

Abyan (Debriefer) Al-Qaeda late on Monday bombed the headquarters of the 5th Infantry Brigade in Modea district, east the Yemeni southern governorate of Abyan, military source said in remarks carried by Xinhua, hours after the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) said its forces seized the largest camp used by the terrorist group.
While no human losses were reported, the shelling left material damages, according to the source who serves in the targeted brigade.
The brigade's guards responded to the fire source, he added, as the camp witnesses cautious calm.
The bombing comes hours after the STC and Abyan security forces took control of Omaran Valley in Modea district hosting al-Qaeda's largest camp in the Arabian Peninsula.
"Omaran camp was purged from al-Qaeda terrorist militants," the Yemeni Interior Ministry's website quoted Abyan police director as saying.
The vicinity of Omaran camp will be under full control and secured in the next hours, Ali Nasser al-Kazimi added, noting that security forces "are pursuing Qaeda terrorist militants in all Abyan's districts."
The mines intensely laid by al-Qaeda posed a huge obstacle for security and military units taking part in the security campaign seen by Abyan, he said.
Having stormed into the camp, the forces found hideouts used by Qaeda militants to prepare explosive devices, medical facilities and propaganda center, STC spokesman, Mohamed al-Neqeeb said in remarks to media.

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