Gas price drops for third straight week in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Gulf News - Debriefer
2019-06-13 | Since 1 Year

Three weeks ago, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians were paying close to 15 cents more per litre of gas than they are this morning.

The Public Utilities Board dropped the cents per litre (cpl) price on gasoline by 4.6 Thursday, meaning the max price for a litre of self-serve gas from a station on the Avalon will run you a max of $1.19.

As always, Labrador South-Lodge Bay/Cartwright is the most expensive litre at $1.36 per.

All the other petroleum products regulated by the Public Utilities Board saw a corresponding dip in price.

Diesel is down 3.4 cpl, furnace and stove oil tumbled 2.89 cpl, and, helping to make BBQ and RV season more enjoyable, propane is down 1.2.

The next update arrives on Thursday, June 20.

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