ISIS emir capture Saudi propaganda following failure in Yemen: Source

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2019-06-26 | Since 1 Year

لقراءة الخبر باللغة العربية اضغط هنا

The alleged capture of Daesh emir in Yemen is a Saudi new propaganda after the kingdom's failure in its 4-year-old war, informed source has said.

On Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition said Saudi-Yemeni special forces had arrested the head and other leaders of the terrorist group inside Yemen.

ISIS emir (nicknamed Abu Osama al-Muhajir), financial officer and bodyguards were arrested in 3-June raid, said coalition spokesman, Turki al-Maliki, without further details about the location.

However, "there is no leader in Daesh called Abu Osama al-Muhajir," the source told Debriefer, as the operation "is but propaganda to cover Saudi failure.

"Delay in detailing the raid by Saudi forces proves their pre-intended plan to fabricate a new scenario justifying their stay in Yemeni eastern areas under the pretext of combating the ISIS."

But Maliki argued that investigation "necessitates the other details of the raid nature and other ISIS arrested elements to be kept" unrevealed, although they "will be unveiled on time."

The Washington Post has reported that the raid took place in the eastern Mahara provincial capital of Ghaida, and that US troops took part in the operation by providing advice, help and intelligence.

On Wednesday, the Houthi group labeled the Saudi-Yemeni forces raid as farce.

"The aggression coalition allegation is a farce and attempt to hide the fact that Qaeda and Daesh [elements] are among its military and security ranks," said Houthi spokesman, Mohamed Abdul Salam, "based on Qaeda admission and your [the coalition] calls for the release of Qaeda and Daesh prisoners .. at Sweden talks."

Yemen has been racked by a 4-year bloody conflict between the internationally-recognized Yemeni government's forces, backed by a Saudi-led coalition, and the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels who ousted the government in 2014.

Terrorist groups have exploited Yemen's civil war to attract new recruits and expand its influence in central, south and east of the country.

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