Confirmed that 2020 will be year of air defense

Houthis reveal 2 new air defense systems

Sana'a (Debriefer)
2019-08-25 | Since 4 Year

 Houthi Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Saree

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The Armed Forces of Yemeni Houthi group (Ansar Allah) unveiled on Saturday two types of air defense systems, Fater1 and Thaqib1, which entered the battle in 2017 and managed to confront warplanes of Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes. 

At a press conference for the Houthi Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Saree, confirmed that “the new air defense systems have succeeded to confront the aggressor’s hostile combat jets of F-15, F-16, Mirage and Typhoon,”.

"Early this year, Fater1 was operating in the areas of Yemen and it succeeded in thwarting many hostile air operations," Brigadier Saree said.

Saree added that "the month of June this year saw the downing of a US aircraft type Q9 in Hodeida Governorate with a missile from the Fater1 system".

The second air defense system, Thaqib1 system, which entered service in October 2017, Brigadier Seree confirmed that Thaqib1 system succeeded in downing MQ9 one month after entering the service, explaining that on September 6, 2018 succeeded intercepting helicopters, Apache, in Hodeidah. They have since then stopped flying for several months.

The military spokesman of Houthis revealed that the development of a third and fourth defense system within the readiness of the air defense forces will be revealed during the next phase, indicating that the Yemeni air defense systems imposed on the forces of aggression new equations and forced them to deal with caution.

The spokesman confirmed that the air defense systems have pushed the enemy warplanes to take certain actions after they were carrying out their operations without being intercepted by any weapons, pointing out that air defense systems in the areas where they operate pose a real threat to all hostile air targets and this has been demonstrated in previous phase.

Saree claimed that 72 operations of the air defense targeted enemy hostile reconnaissance, resulting in downing of dozens of them and 45 operations targeting enemy warplanes succeeded in dropping a number of different types and causing significant damage to a number of others.

He stressed that the air defense plans include the deployment of defense systems in all areas of Yemen, stressing the continued work to strengthen the air defense capability of the Air Force so that it can address all types of enemy aircraft.

Saree pointed out that one of the air defenses most important achievements is neutralizing the Apache flights by 70%, specifically on the border fronts.

He concluded: "2018 was the year of ballistic missiles and the current year for the drone Air Force and next year will be the year of air defense,".

The Houthis' announcement that they had air defense missile systems came three days after the Pentagon admitted to shooting down the Iranian-backed Houthi group Ansar Allah, a US MQ-9 drone flying late on Tuesday over Yemen.

The Pentagon said in a brief statement, was seen by "Debriefer"international news agency, that the US Central Command has opened an investigation into reports that Houthis in Yemen shot down a US MQ-9 Reaper late Tuesday,

Pentagon was considered the shooting down of his drone "is a provocative act by Iran and its terrorist groups and poses a real threat to the stability of the region."

The army spokesman for Yemen's Houthi group said on Tuesday that the group's air defenses had brought down the drone, which they claimed belonged to the US military.

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