Houthis study allowing Saudi captives visited, call for Qaeda extradition

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2019-10-17 | Since 4 Year

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

The Houthi group in Yemen said Wednesday it would consider a call by the International Committee for Red Cross to visit Saudi prisoners held by the rebels, calling on the ICRC to extradite Qaeda-linked prisoners of French nationality and Yemeni origin to France and return others to their Yemeni southern provinces.
The Houthi "Supreme Political Council will take the ICRC request .. seriously," Mohamed Ali al-Houthi told ICRC President Peter Maurer at meeting in Sana'a, and the visit "will be through the foreign ministry," according to the Sana'a-based Saba.
On Tuesday, the ICRC chief met in Riyadh with the Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf, in the presence of Saudi envoy to Yemen Mohamed Al Jaber, and head of ICRC mission in Yemen Franz Rawkhnschtine.
The Houthi "Council and government provide the ICRC with all facilities to perform its activity according to conventions and regulations, including allowing for its teams to visit detention centers and see prisoners," he claimed.
However, such visits result in coalition "targeting of detention centers, last of which was the airstrike in Dhamar," he said calling the ICRC to introduce an actual solution for this problem.
The rebel official accused the Saudi-led coalition of "lying to justify its crimes and alleging that it targets arms depots and missile and drone launch posts," calling for independent panels to investigate those crimes.
The ICRC "needs to appreciate worries stemmed by bombing the Dhamar detention center," he argued.
The Houthi "defense ministry has been instructed to provide the ICRC with coordinates of the new prisons" in order for the "coalition would not strike its captives in the future."
"The ICRC is expected to have active role in applying the Stockholm deal on prisoner swap," but not to "fail to evacuate the wounded in the Doraihimi district" of Hodeida, he added.
The Houthi official asked the ICRC to help extradite French nationals of Yemeni origin, held years ago over suspicions of Qaeda links, to France at their request.
There are also Qaeda militants from Yemeni "occupied province served their imprisonment," he claimed, calling for their return to the south. "Other elements with links to bombings and assassinations are now sued."
Saba quoted the ICRC chief as thanking the rebels for "allowing access to detention centers. We agree that what happened in Dhamar was very unfortunate incident, and the use of these data should be investigated."
Before striking, any party should know the targeted sites, "civil places in particular," Maurer added.
The ICRC's core duty is to "assist and protect the wounded, including servicemen in fighting ground."

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