Yemeni Sa'ada sees unsaid great battle

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2019-10-23 | Since 3 Year


اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

Four military brigades have fallen in al-Malaheez front, in the northern Yemeni governorate of Sa'ada, according to a Yemeni writer and activist.

"The Malaheez front has been completely fallen," Marwan al-Ghafori said Monday on Facebook. "Four brigades, beyond the command of the official defense ministry and armed forces operation center," have been overthrown.

Consisting of Salfist fighters and new recruits, the units were established in the same way as Kitaf front, but, in the past days, collapsed totally, he claimed.

The Houthi group has gained strength and "modern fire capability, firing thermal missiles at Saudi borders, and bringing the battle back to its zero point," according to Ghafori.

After five years, the "battle at Malaheez front has disappeared ... Tow Yemenis fought each other, and the Iranian-aligned defeated the Saudi-aligned Yemeni."

Separately, the Saudi tweeter, Mujtahid, has talked about fierce fighting between Saudi forces and Houthis at Yemeni-Saudi borders.

A paper supporting the Houthi group said on Wednesday four brigades of the Yemeni government army had been overthrown.

Many activists loyal to the rebels have talked, on social media outlets, about a "great victory" won by the group at Saudi borders.

While the government has neither confirmed nor denied officially the reports on Malaheez front, some loyalist local media outlets dismissed the Houthi reports as "attempt to make illusive wins and drag the deceived elements to death."

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