Senior military officer escapes assassination in Yemen's Aden

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2018-06-28 | Since 5 Year

الخبر بالعربية:

Colonel Abdulkadir Al-Jari, chief of staff at the 103 Presidential Protection Brigade, on Wednesday survived an assassination attempt in Yemen's temporary capital Aden which has seen a wave of assassinations in the past three years.

A security official told Debriefer that Al-Jari was injured, along with two of his bodyguards, after a roadside bomb was detonated while he was driving his car on Khour Maksar road, east of Aden. The car caught fire, the official added.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attempted assassination.

AQAP and ISIS have been responsible for most of the assassinations, failed assassinations and blasts targeting security and military officials and personnel in the city.

The two militant groups have expanded in south and southeast Yemen taking advantage of the armed conflict pitting the Houthi rebels against the forces of the internationally recognized government backed by the Saudi-led military coalition.

Separately, the security authorities in nearby Abyan city arrested a terrorist responsible for several assassinations in Aden, a security official said.

During investigation, the terrorist, known as the assassin of 90th Street, confessed to carrying out three assassinations, the latest targeted a bodyguard of leader in the southern resistance Abu Al-Homam, and revealed information about the terrorist cell he worked with, the official said.

Many assassinations have been carried out against military and security officials on 90th Street in the last two years.

Since it was liberated from the Houthi fighters in mid-2015, Aden has seen more than 1.000 assassinations and blasts targeting security and military officers and personnel, judicial officials and liberal intellectuals.

The city is being run by UAE-backed security belt forces. Some parts however are under control of the forces of internationally recognized president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Observers said the deterioration of the security situation should be blamed on failure of the government to take charge of the city, continued stay of Hadi in his exile in Riyadh and divided security authorities.

The UAE, a member in the Saudi-led coalition which has been fighting the Houthis to restore Hadi's government since March 2015, has formed the security belt forces and other provisional elite forces in southern and southeastern regions.

These forces are taking orders from the UAE not from the interior ministry in the Yemeni government.

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