Houthi killing, destruction strengthen Yemeni army determination: CoS

Marib (Debriefer)
2020-05-28 | Since 2 Year

The more the Houthi group kills and destructs, the stronger the Yemeni army's determination is to end the "Houthi-Iranian priesthood", the Yemeni chief of staff said Wednesday.
General Saghir Bin Aziz's remarks come hours after his son and 7 bodyguards were killed in Houthi shelling on the Marib-based Sahn al-Gen military camp that hosted a meeting for Yemeni official army's leaders.
The chief of staff survived the missile strike that killed his son, his nephew and six soldiers on Wednesday, local media sources reported.
The camp was targeted following a meeting led by the Yemeni defense minister, Mohamed al-Maqdashi, and chief of staff Bin Aziz, sources said.

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