Inclusive Hadramout Conference warns of excluding Hadramou from Yemen Riyadh talks

2020-07-06 | Since 2 Year

HADRAMOUT (Debriefer)--The Inclusive Hadramout Conference on Monday warned the Yemeni parties holding consultations in the Saudi capital Riyadh of excluding its representatives from the consultations.
We express regret over irresponsible actions that don’t take into account geographic, historic, economic and political weight of Hadramout province and its contribution to the state budget with revenues from oil and minerals sales and sea, land and air ports, the conference said in a statement on the latest developments in the country and Hadramout.
This marginalisation of Hadramout comes as the province is facing catastrophic conditions, including poor basic services and deteriorating security because of the government's abandonment of responsibility, it said.
The statement warned of hegemony and annexation projects, saying these projects will never work, and affirming Hadramout has chosen its path with consensus from all its sons and political and tribal elites; that path is the outcomes of the Inclusive Hadramout Conference.
Hadramout in southeast Yemen is an oil-rich province and the largest in the country, with an area of more than 193.000 square kilometers out of Yemen's total area of around 555.000 square kilometers. It has remained calm since the disastrous armed conflict started in late 2014 following the Houthi takeover of power and the capital Sanaa.

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