Covid-19 fears drive Yemen's health workers away from hospitals: MSF

2020-07-12 | Since 1 Month

Geneva (Debriefer) - Many health staff have quit their jobs due to the high risk of infection with Covid-19, leaving the already-decimated healthcare system under-resourced, Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres or MSF) said Sunday.

"Recent reports that health workers are at high risk of falling ill with the virus have also raised serious concerns about their safety among medical staff across the country, leading many to quit their jobs and stay at home, leaving hospitals short-staffed," MSF added in a report.

"Yemen has very limited testing capabilities for Covid-19 and so the virus is spreading across the country untraced," it said.

"After years of war, the health system was already under considerable stress before the pandemic. Now it appears that people have lost trust in the health system and health staff."

"MSF urges countries to provide resources to Yemen to help with the crisis, and Yemeni authorities must allow people safe access to healthcare and aid."

Until Saturday, Yemeni areas under the UN-recognized government's control have recorded 1,389 Covid-19 infections, including 365 deaths and 642 recoveries.

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