Foreign powers seek to replace Hadi with consensual president for Yemen

2020-07-15 | Since 3 Year

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية

SANAA (Debriefer)--Some Yemeni political forces allied with the internationally recognised government have recently started to talk about a foreign plan to overthrow President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and replace him with a consensual president backed by regional and international powers. The plan reportedly comes within international efforts to end the war in the country after recent military escalation.

The UAE plan aims to establish a political settlement and to keep the status quo, diplomatic sources revealed, adding that the new president will be installed under an international resolution, according to Aljazeera website.

The UAE and the supporters of its plan have already started working on serious arrangements to translate the plan into reality, including building anti-government alliances, media escalation and indirect diplomatic action against the government and its troops and the national parties.

One of the anti-government alliances includes the Nasserist Unionist People's Organisation, the Yemeni Socialist Party, the Southern Transitional Council and a wing of the divided General People's Congress, the sources said, according to Aljazeera.

"This unannounced alliance, which the UAE is forming, is against the national interest. If it overtakes the government, the door will be open to foreign schemes," a government source told Aljazeera.

"Hadi is not aware of this danger. The legitimate government is being undermined. Moreover, some factions are eager to see Marib province fall to the Houthis in order that they finish their project and negotiate for three regions, the north, the south and the middle," elaborated the source, who asked not to be named.

"But if the Houthis enter Marib, the remaining symbol of the republic, there will not be south and north. The Houthis will swallow the entire south, a victory which will then help Iran expand its influence and get closer to the Gulf countries."

Regarding possible replacements of Hadi, the government source said that there are consultations to appoint advisor to Hadi, Rashad Al-Alimi, as the new president.

On Sunday, spokesperson for the Islah Party, Ali Al-Jaradi, claimed that there were regional and international intentions to divide Yemen on sectarian and geographic bases under a new consensual president.

In its monthly report titled, the conflict for the south, the Sanaa Centre for Strategic Studies said that Hadi's pretension to have legitimacy is doubtful.

Hadi does not have the skills of successful leader, and his legitimacy has been granted by the UN Security Council under the resolution 2216 following the Houthi takeover which means his legitimacy has nothing to do with his performance as president, the centre said.

For Riyadh, Hadi is just a legal cover for the Saudi-led military intervention in the country, it said, suggesting that the Yemeni parties should exert required efforts to put Yemen on the right political track without delay and that change should start from the top..

Hadi's stay in office is unacceptable to Yemenis and all players, it said.

"Weakening or replacing Hadi will not be useful. Hence, forming a presidential council with representatives from all forces is the only applicable solution. There should be political balance to unite all regions that have been liberated from the Houthis, secure needs of the people and then go to productive talks with the Houthis," it added.

Dependent government

Politicians argue that the talk about a UAE plan to overthrow Hadi without Saudi blessings remains an attempt to cover the real Saudi role in political and military blows that the government has received. The government is not independent, its decisions have been made by Riyadh and its nominal legitimacy will not last for long, politicians said.


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