Arab coalition denies Yemen access to vital medicines: Houthis

2020-09-25 | Since 1 Month

Taha al-Mutawakil

Sana'a (Debriefer) - The Houthi group on Thursday accused the Saudi-led coalition of denying Yemen access to medicines for chronological diseases.
The first thing the Arab coalition did in Yemen was targeting the health and medical sector by imposing blockade, closing Sana'a airport and preventing medicines' entry, Houthi minister for health said.
Pharmaceutical researches, which have begun at the level of universities and health ministry, should be promoted in order to produce medicines, Taha al-Mutawakil added in speech to a ceremony on the world pharmacist day in Sana'a City.
"Medicines produced in Yemen don't cover 10 percent of the country's actual demand," he said, while the other 90 percent is imported.
Yemenis have been paying the costs of a war over power in the Arab poorest country, where oil shortages have yet furthered the people's sufferings, particularly in Houthi-held northern areas.
Sana'a health ministry has warned against the oil shortage's impact on health facilities' functionality.
Heart diseases have increased three times in Yemen since the war outbreak in 2015, Dr. Mutawakil said one week ago.
Yemen has been racked by an armed conflict that broke out after the Iranian-backed Houthis had ousted the internationally-recognized government late in 2014.
Yemen 5-year war has pushed the country to the world's worst humanitarian crisis, according to the UN, with most of the population in need for a type of humanitarian aid and immediate protection.

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