Emirati seizure over Balhaf facility inflicts Yemen US$20-billion losses

2020-10-15 | Since 2 Week

Shabwa (Debriefer) - Yemeni activists have called on official government to eject Emirati forces out of the Shabwa-based Balhaf facility and port used to export oil and liquefied gas, amid fears that a potential damage to the facility would deprive the country from billions of dollars annually.
The call comes days after press remarks by governor of the southern governorate of Shabwa, in which Mohamed Bin Adio said the United Arab Emirates continues to prevent gas exports.
The Emirati military presence in this economically vital facility has caused gross damages to the Yemeni economy already collapsing due to the 6-year-old war, says Yemeni researcher specialized in economy.
"The presence of Emirati troops and armed proxies in the port, preventing the official government from exporting gas, deprived Yemen from US$ 20 billion in the past five years," Abdul Rahman Hamid added in remarks to Debriefer, as the country suffers severe economic crisis.
Observers fear that Yemen could lose a key economic resource providing the public budget with more than 40 percent of the total revenues.
Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Balhaf is one of Yemen's vital ports exporting its crude oil and liquefied natural gas, and its largest investment projects that started oil production in 2009.
Since their seizure of the port in 2016, the Emirati troops have stopped the liquefaction and exportation of natural gas, before transforming the port into secret prison, according to western media reports.

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