Shabwa tribes on alert amid plans to annex Baihan to Marib

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2018-08-08 | Since 5 Year

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  Tribes in Yemen's southeastern province of Shabwa have denounced attempts of vice president Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar and the Islah Party, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, to annex the oil-rich district of Baihan to nearby Marib province.

The tribes said on Wednesday they are ready to face Al-Ahmar and Islah's plans to control oil resources in Baihan and Shabwa "with all means including military action".

Lately, deputy interior minister within the internationally recognized government, Mohammed Al-Sharif, who is a member in the Islah Party, said Baihan belongs to Marib triggering anger of Shabwa tribes.

Baihan is an oil-rich district in Shabwa which neighbours Marib and Bayda provinces.

Tribal sources told Debriefer the tribes plan to escalate their protest if their demands to cancel the plan to annex Baihan to Marib and to consider Shabwa as an independent military region are not met.

If they insist on annexing Baihan, tribes will close all oilfields in Shabwa, the sources said.  

Meanwhile, head of the Shabwa sons' council, Engineer Ali Al-Masabi, said in a letter sent by Shabwa tribes and sheikhs to interior minister: "the goal of annexing Baihan to Marib is exposed: Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar and his partners are seeking to control oil resources in Shabwa".

"This will affect security and stability of Shabwa and south Yemen. We will not keep silent over anything that harms the weft of the south including the plan to annex Baihan to Marib," he said. 

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