CBY takes measures to keep prices of Yemeni Riyal stable

2018-08-01 | Since 3 Year

The Central Bank of Yemen - Aden

بالعربية: https://debriefer.net/news-2168.html

The Central Bank of Yemen approved on Tuesday withdrawal of the first batch of Saudi deposit to cover bank's credits.
The value of the first batch is USD 20.4 million.

The bank approved also the second batch of the banks' demands for covering credits from Saudi deposit and finalizing measures of payment within approved mechanisms and agreement on issuing certificates of deposits to commercial banks by the ratio of 17 percent.

The board of the bank agreed on issuing government receipts with a benefit amounting to 12 percent for different periods from one to three years and issuing accredit deposit to Islamic banks with net profit of 13 percent in accordance with mechanism of legal controlbodies.

The meeting approved the report of the bank's controlling sector and results of the field visit to inspection technical teams and approved closure of all violated money exchange shops and referring them to specialized bodies to take legal action against them.

The CBY's board called all citizens and traders not to be dragged by propagandas of exaggerating the prices of foreign currencies, which leave huge economic damages across Yemen.

The bank confirmed commitment of covering appropriate credits with financing from the Saudi deposit estimated at USD 2 billion.

He confirmed that all mechanism for paying from the Saudi deposit has become executed and easy paying under conditions made by the central bank.

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