Who is killing Yemen’s clerics? Mystery murders are sending a chill through the mosques

بالعربية:https://debriefer.net/news-2971.html By Sudarsan Raghavan  A white Toyota Corolla pulled up next to Safwan al-Sharjabi as he walked along a crowded road one evening this spring after

Why Are U.S. Bombs Killing Civilians in Yemen?

بالعربية:https://debriefer.net/news-2920.html By The Editorial Board The top American air commander in the Middle East voiced frustration in an interview last week over the murderously incompetent

Yemen’s Invisible Victims

 The article in Arabic  https://debriefer.net/news-2865.html By DANIEL LARISON Shuaib Almosawa reminds us of the consequences of the disastrous decision by the Hadi government to reloca

Atrocities in Yemen Speak to Trump’s Moral Character

بالعربية:https://debriefer.net/news-2826.html In his 2000 book The America We Deserve, Donald Trump explained his views about the morality of military intervention: My rules of engagement are pret

The Jerusalem Post: Why Yemen's war matters

بالعربية:https://debriefer.net/news-2694.html BY JOSHUA S. BLOCK Now that UN peace efforts appear to be falling apart, the war in Yemen is approaching a decisive battle for control of the port of

America's silence makes it complicit in Saudi bombing of Yemeni children

  By - Jill Filipovic المقال بالعربية: https://debriefer.net/news-2574.html Dozens of schoolchildren on a field trip were killed in Yemen last week when a Saudi-led airstrike hit their

America's silence makes it complicit in Saudi bombing of Yemeni children

By Jill Filipovic Dozens of schoolchildren on a field trip were killed in Yemen last week when a Saudi-led airstrike hit their bus. More than 50 people died; nearly 80 were wounded. Many victims we

Yemen War Challenges Saudi Moral Authority – Analysis

بالعربية: https://debriefer.net/news-2548.html By James M. Dorsey Saudi conduct of its ill-fated war in Yemen coupled with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s alignment with the Trump adminis

Israel Mulled Assassinating Hamas Leaders Over Past Several Months

بالعربية: https://debriefer.net/news-2488.html The army and Shin Bet security service believe that targeted killings are preferable to a wide-scale attack on the Gaza Strip, defense officials

Thank you Canada

بالعربية: https://debriefer.net/news-2406.html By Ali Anouzla Canada took on a courageous position through its foreign minister and embassy in Riyadh when it expressed its concern regarding t

A Top Syrian Scientist Is Killed, and Fingers Point at Israel

بالعربية: https://debriefer.net/news-2352.html Aziz Asbar was one of Syria’s most important rocket scientists, bent on amassing an arsenal of precision-guided missiles that could be laun

The New York Times: Saudis Escalate Siege of Port in Yemen, Alarming Aid Groups

بالعربية:https://debriefer.net/news-2245.html By Mohammed Ali Kalfood and Margaret Coker   Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition fired more than two dozen missiles into this rebel-held Yemeni

The Failed Saudi War on Yemen

بالعربية:https://debriefer.net/news-2206.html  By DANIEL LARISON The Saudi coalition war on Yemen has devastated the country’s economy, reduced millions to starvation, caused widespread

Yemen’s Fateful Twinship With Somalia

By Abukar Arman It is hard to imagine a different fate for Yemen than that of Somalia – numerous balkanized political entities cursed with perpetual distrust and hostility. On the global sca

Neoconservatism and the War on Yemen

By Daniel Larison Rachel Lu writes a very strange column about U.S. foreign policy: The United States has made mistakes in geopolitics (as powerful nations inevitably do), and we should acknowledg

Saudis Destroying Yemen To Distract Oppressed Population

by Peter Crowley The excuse is Iran’s alleged support for the Houthis. The rationalizer is Saudi Arabia. The internal threat is both real and perceived socioeconomic change in Saudi Arabia.

Explained Why Saudi Arabia and ‘Little Sparta’ Still Can’t Defeat Iran in Yemen

ترجمة خاصة بالعربية لـ"ديبريفر" على الرابط التالي:https://debriefer.net/news-1801.html Alexander Griffing The kingdom and the UAE are both modern military powerhouses, spending billions on arms ev

As the world rallies around Thailand, children in Yemen also deserve help

By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan In Thailand, the saga of 12 young soccer players and their coach trapped deep inside the inundated Tham Luang cave complex gripped the world; their successful resc