Washington Post: Huawei secretly helped North Korea build, maintain wireless network

According to sources and internal documents Washington Post reported on Monday that Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the Chinese company put on a US blacklist because of national security concerns, secre

Senior officials: Seizure of British ship a ‘reciprocal’ move

Iran’s seizure of a British oil tanker was a response to Britain’s role in impounding an Iranian supertanker first, senior officials said Saturday, as newly released video of the inciden

US newspaper: MbS`s Battle in Yemen becomes his quagmire

إضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The New York Times reported on Friday that the war in Yemen has become a swamp for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after the withdrawal of

New York Times: UAE's troops' drawdown evidence of lives waste in the war in Yemen

إضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The New York Times said in an editorial titled "Follow the Emiratis’ Lead, Out of Yemen" that the war in Yemen is an unwinnable disasr

UAE moves to extricate itself from Saudi-led war: WSJ

إضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The United Arab Emirates has started for weeks ago pulling its tankers, helicopters and hundreds of personnel out of the Arab coalition, the

British target training of Saudi air force ‘did not stop Yemen atrocities’

إضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية  Court documents in arms sales case show civilians were bombed soon after training sessions Government claims that British military tr

Pictures of the dropped RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV released by Teheran

Photos of what Iran says is wreckage of a downed American drone have been released by state media. While knocking out the device, Tehran said it refrained from hitting the accompanying US military p

How U.S. Allies in the Middle East are Responding to Rising Tensions with Iran

إضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية US allies in the Middle East have held back from a full-throated endorsement of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s claim that

New York Times: Trump allows High-Tech US bomb parts to be built in Saudi Arabia

The New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump has allowed Saudi Arabia to built technology that would let them produce their own versions of American precision-guided bombs that can be

Houthis abduct Eid celebrators in Sana'a: SPA

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The Iranian-backed Houthi group on Tuesday kidnaped people living in a southern district of the Yemeni capital to prevent them from celebrat

EU Parliament tends to recognize Houthi-controlled Yemeni Parliament

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The European Parliament tends to recognize the Sana'a-based Houthi-controlled Yemeni Parliament, a move that, if adopted, would be a slam to

Houthi drones more risky than Saudis admit: Wall Street Journal

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The Wall Street Journal has highlighted the increasing risk posed by Yemen's Houthi unmanned aerial vehicles(UAH) on the Saudi Arabia and Un

Guardian: Trump's veto scandalous abuse of presidential power

  اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The Guardian, in an article by Simon Tisdall Thursday, dubbed President Donald Trump's veto against halting the US support for Saudi w

With the ISIS caliphate defeated in Syria, an Islamist militant rivalry takes root in Yemen

اضغط هنا لقراءة التقرير بالعربية By Sudarsan Raghavan   The Islamic State and al-Qaeda are waging a deadly contest for territory, recruits and influence in Yemen

UN groups help prolong Yemen war for gains: Agency

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية UN agencies working in Yemen exercises widespread financial corruption and illegally earn from lavish funds provided by donors in humanitari

Hadi denies meeting Griffiths asks UN to name Houthis as hinderers

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية The legitimate government of Yemen has informed the United Nations that it has to name Houthi group as the party obstructing the peace and t

Saudi crown prince authorized brutal campaign to silence dissenters

اضغط هنا لقراءة الخبر بالعربية More than a year before the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia's powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved a secre

Yemen Asks U.S. for Help to Curb Smuggling of Looted Ancient Artifacts

إضغط هنا لقراءة التقرير بالعربية By Tom Mashberg   Yemen’s deputy culture minister, Abdulhadi al-Azazi, remembers standing two years ago amid the rubble of