Religious Minority of Baha’is in Yemen Relive Iranian Nightmare

By Daniel Mark The Houthi regime in Yemen claims that Baha’is are waging a “Satanic war” against Muslim Yemenis. The escalation of hateful rhetoric conjures up frightening memorie

The next American war

By Munir Akram THE odds are growing that the next American war will be against Iran. Of the three countries designated by the US as the ‘axis of evil’, Iraq was invaded; North Korea has

American-Backed Saudi Coalition Responsible for a Majority of Child Casualties in Yemen Conflict

If there wasn't enough reason to stop selling arms to the Saudis, a new report found that they were responsible for most of the child casualties in Yemen. A new United Nations report shows that the

It’s Time for International Community to Step in and End Yemen War

By Kelly McFarland The Saudi-led coalition’s recent attack on Yemeni port city Hodeidah may offer a chance to end the war in Yemen. However, if the international community doesn’t do mo

Battle for Hodeidah: Fears grow for Yemeni civilians as negotiations between coalition and Houthis falter

مترجم للعربية: Arab coalition hopes recapturing city will break stalemate in Yemen's war, but any damage to its vital port could plunge millions of people into f

Yemen detainees free days after AP report on UAE-run prisons

With hugs and kisses, family and friends of a Yemeni actor celebrated after he and at least three other detainees were freed after being held for nearly a year without charge in prisons that Associa

Amid a brutal stalemate in Yemen, the United Nations must act

By Bruce Riedel Saudi Arabia and its allies have a seemingly overwhelming military advantage over their Houthi enemies in Yemen. Despite this advantage, the Saudi-led coalition has been unable to f

UK ‘hides extent of arms sales to Saudi Arabia’

متوفر بالعربية: Campaigners say licences for ‘less sensitive goods’ are being used for bombs that hit civilian targets in Yemen Hundreds of millions

Fog of war clouds Hodeidah airport as media disagree about who controls site

Who has the upper hand in Operation Golden Victory? The Yemeni battle has spilled into a war of words and images with conflicting reports The battle for Hodeidah, a strategic port city on Yemen&rsq

UK support for the war in Yemen must stop

It is time for an end to British collusion in what is already the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, write 13 parliamentarians, trade unionists and others The news that Saudi-backed gove

Yemeni sports journalist Qasim Al-Buaisi, who was kidnapped on Thursday.

Armed Houthis on Thursday kidnapped Yemeni journalist Qasim Al-Buaisi in western Hodeidah province and took him to an unknown place. It is the first time a sports journalist has been kidnapped

Detainees held without charges decry Emiratis' sexual abuses

متوفر بالعربية على  الرابط: By MAGGIE MICHAEL  The 15 officers who arrived at the prison in southern Yemen hid their faces behind head dresses, but th

The Guardian view on Yemen: our complicity lies bare

Even if the UK warned against attacking the vital port of Hodeidah, we bear responsibility for the horrors of this war The fig leaves covered little to start with, and withered long ago. Now the ex

Saudi-led assault on vital port city in Yemen will begin ‘within days’, say aid workers

UK warns aid agencies to evacuate Hodeidah as diplomatic avenues fail ahead of anticipated battle between Arab coalition and Houthi rebels Aid workers in the Yemeni city of Hodeidah are bracing for

U.N. Pushes to Avert ‘Catastrophic’ UAE Attack on Yemen Port

The United Nations has established a increasingly undercover diplomatic attempt to head off an expected United Arab Emirates attack on Yemen’s most important port in the coming times, fearing

Five reasons the crisis in Yemen matters

Long overshadowed by conflicts and intrigues elsewhere in the Middle East, Yemen is increasingly hard to ignore. The civil war racking Yemen pits U.S.-backed forces against Iranian-backed elements

US carries out 18 air strikes in Yemen this year, report

متوفر بالعربية على:  The US has carried out 18 air strikes against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, AQAP, in Yemen this year so far, the Long War Journal

Hadi's government rejects Houthi preconditions for resuming peace process

الخبر بالعربية:  The Internationally recognized government of Yemen has rejected preconditions of the Houthi Group, Ansar Allah, for restarting the peace pr