How the UAE is destroying Yemen

بالعربية:  Jonathan Fenton-Harvey   Saudi Arabia often takes the most criticism for Yemen's crisis, in light of its devastating bombing campa

The New Front in Yemen.. What's at Stake in Hodeidah?

بالعربية:  By Peter Salisbury   For three years, the war in Yemen has been stuck in an excruciating stalemate. On June 13, the United Arab Emi


بالعربية: BY BENJAMIN WEINTHAL    Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps employed German companies to disguise illicit activities in its funding of

How the U.S. Is Empowering Iran in Yemen?

بالعربية:  By Daniel Byman   The Trump administration’s top goal in the Middle East is clear: counter Iran, which U.S. President Donald

Wealthy Saudis sit on cash as purge casts shadow over investment

بالعربية: Businesses attempt to shift funds offshore but fear they are being monitored Saudi companies are also grappling with rising costs and stagnant

Blowing the Horn: How the United States Can Reclaim the Strategic Initiative in the Bab al Mandeb

ترجمة خاصة لـ"ديبريفر" إلى العربية على الرابط التالي: BY: Alice Hunt Friend & Melissa Dalton    You may

U.S. strategy falls flat in Yemen as Iran gains upper hand in proxy war

بالعربية: By Carlo Muñoz Iran-backed militant control over key areas of Yemen, despite a blistering assault by U.S.-backed Saudi and Emirati mili

Congress Can Help Stave Off New Humanitarian Disaster In Yemen

بالعربية: by William D. Hartung The war in Yemen is a humanitarian disaster. The Saudi/UAE intervention that began in March of 2015 has resulted in thou

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Have a Disastrous Yemen Strategy

بالعربية: By Daniel Byman Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’s deepening intervention in Yemen is the triumph of hope over experience. Riya

UAE forces operating network of secret prisons in Yemen - new report

التقرير بالعربية: Scores have been held in ‘parallel security structure’ - where electric-shock torture and sexual violence rife, and

Houthi Rebels In Yemen Have Technical Trucks Armed With Vulcan Cannons

BY JOSEPH TREVITHICK The fearsome combination looks like something out a post-apocalyptic action flick, but gives the group very real mobile firepower. Technicals, a term typically applied to comm

Outsourcing war: How foreigners and mercenaries power UAE's military

بالعربية: UAE’s futuristic cities and booming economy were built on foreign know-how and labour funded by metro dollars, and its military is no dif

Dozens of Yemeni families stranded as Saudi Arabia bans travel by four-wheel drive cars

بالعربية:   Dozens of Yemeni families living in Saudi Arabia are stranded on the Wadiah crossing between Saudi Arabia and Yemen after the Saudi auth

A step closer to the truth on Trump's Yemen raid

BY Hannah Porter ACLU has been granted Freedom of Information Act request after CIA attempted to obscure details of botched Yemen raid The Central Intelligence Agency will be required to disc

Time for a Reckoning in Yemen

  by Stephen J. Rapp The United States should not be associated with forces who have shown no respect for the laws of armed conflict. Witness the three-year civil war in Yemen, which has alread

How we got the images you weren’t meant to see in Yemen

By Jane Ferguson As I arrived in Sana’a city late at night on June 6, the few working street lights cast a glow over the closed doors of shops, trash on the streets, and the earthen color of

UN envoy says battles are main spoiler to peace process in Yemen

بالعربية:  UN Special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said on Friday ongoing battles are the main spoiler to the peace process in the country. I

The War on Yemen and Pompeo’s Pathetic Propaganda

The Trump administration keeps desperately trying to shift the blame for the catastrophe in Yemen away from the Saudi coalition and the U.S.: #Iran’s support for Houthis in Yemen not only e