Make or break: UAE in Yemen

BY Alexander Harper Last week, Associated Press published a particularly shocking report on abuse and torture by United Arab Emirates (UAE)–supported forces in a number of Yemeni prisons, add

Saudi Arabia’s Misleading Email to Congress After Bombing of MSF Cholera Hospital

by Ryan Goodman On a recent Wednesday night in June, Saudi Arabia’s embassy emailed members of the U.S. Congress providing them something between a false and misleading account of an air stri

How the UAE Wields Power in Yemen

The Gulf nation’s ground troops have cultivated alliances in Yemen with local armed groups, but its ability to shape the civil war’s outcome is limited. The three-and-a-half-year-long w

A Rare Look at Yemen’s War, Where Children Starve and Hospitals Are on Life-Support

THE CHANGES THAT three years of war have wrought on Sanaa are subtle and, at first, easily overlooked. The northern Yemeni city isn’t destroyed, but rubble from airstrikes remains in certain n

Yemen’s Never-Ending War

The assault by the United Arab Emirates’ forces and their local allies in a Saudi-led coalition on the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah that began last week and remains underway rightly raised con

Yemen: The Forgotten War

It’s been called the forgotten war — and with good reason. The war in Syria gets clicks and shares, and the fight to defeat Islamic State is never far from the headlines. But Yemen, a t

How Yemen Became a Humanitarian Nightmare: Untangling a Complex War

When a civil war in Yemen erupted more than three years ago, it fractured what was already the poorest Arab nation and eventually plunged it into the planet’s worst humanitarian disaster. Whi

The Next Disaster in Yemen

Despite calls to stop the assault on Hodeidah, both the Emiratis and the Houthi rebels are digging in. The assault on Al Hodeidah was a long time coming. The Emirati-led attack, which began at midn

REPORT: U.S.-Backed Catastrophe Brewing in Yemen

A Gulf-led coalition is preparing to assault a key Yemeni port, risking a fresh humanitarian crisis. ith all eyes turned toward the summit in Singapore between U.S. President Donald Trump and North

'I fight for money': How Saudi 'vision' turns Yemeni shop workers into snipers

Riyadh's 'Saudisation' policy has kicked out thousands of Yemeni expats, who return home to a country with only one growth sector - war TAIZ, Yemen - Haitham left Taiz five years ago for Saudi Arab

Lawless Taiz: rival factions slaughter each other

  التقرير باللغة العربية هنا (TAIZ (Debriefer A government probe committee on Thursday exhumed unidentified bodies of five persons

Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company Helped Shape Saudi Arabia’s Reform Movement

The notion that the SLC Group’s psychological research played a role in plotting out Saudi Arabia’s reform efforts could fuel renewed debate about the intentions of the kingdom’s c

Repercussions of War in Yemen: a collapsing state disputed by militias with misleading projects 1/2

  متوفر باللغة العربية على الرابط:    By Sami Al-Kaf ADEN (Debriefer)--No one in Yemen knows when the war which has

Report: UAE activist sentenced to 10 years for online posts

Leading Emirati rights activist Ahmed Mansoor has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 1 million dirhams, or about $272,000, for criticizing the government in social media posts, local new

Iranian Missiles and Ending the War in Yemen

  by Gregory D. Johnsen   Yesterday, the Treasury Department levied sanctions against five Iranian officials for smuggling ballistic missiles to Yemen, which violated a UN Security Coun

Eight Days in Aden – a Forgotten City in Yemen’s Forgotten War

Two and a half years after the last major fighting in the southern port city of Aden, officially Yemen’s “temporary capital”, our Arabian Peninsula Project Director April Longley A

The Hodeida Campaign (Part 1): Humanitarian and Political Role of Red Sea Ports

      Michael Knights*   Hodeida and al-Salif will process substantially more food imports after the Houthis are evicted, so the United States should back some form of demil

Socotra crisis: a turning point in course of Yemen war or a UAE maneuver to get special privileges?

  Yemeni forces were handed the air and sea ports of the Socotra archipelago by UAE troops after Saudi Arabia sponsored a deal ending the tensions between the internationally recognized of Yem